We were extremely pleased with the work that Che-Benz did on our apartment remodeling, and I would therefore highly recommend Luis and his crew to anyone looking for a contractor. The job involved extensive remodeling of a three-bedroom apartment that consisted of two previously separate one-bedroom apartments. The work included completely gutting two kitchens and a large living/dining room area, as well as repurposing two rooms. 

Luis and his crew were very professional, deliberate, and thorough. Luis was careful in managing the job, and very skillful – and fair – at dealing with unexpected issues. His crew readily abided by the work rules of our building, despite those rules at times being cumbersome and limiting, which we appreciated, given the importance of establishing good neighborly relationships at the time of move-in. Also, we were on a tight deadline, and Luis was great at managing the schedule so that we moved in with the work fully completed. 

What we probably appreciate the most is that while Luis was clearly sensitive to our desires and demands, he was also upfront, clear and honest in situations where our ideas or expectations were unrealistic, whether in construction or financial terms. These kinds of conversations were extremely useful for us and made working with Che-Benz both smooth and a pleasure, as we felt from the get-go that we can trust Luis to discuss plans with us in a respectful and trustful way. 

For all these reasons, we happily recommend Luis and his crew. 

-Marko Klasnja

Dear Luis, 

I’d like to express our appreciation for Che-Benz’s excellent remodeling of our kitchen and bathroom.

The job involved the total gutting and renewal of both rooms. the work was complicated by the need to abide by the work riles of our building, the old age of the building, and the need to be careful of effects on neighboring apartments. We purchased all the major items including cabinets, fixtures, tiles, and appliances. Che-Benz performed all the construction including walls, ceiling, installations, electrical, plumbing, moldings, etc. 

We are extremely pleased with the final results, which are to an excellent standard of quality. The work was completed in less time than originally estimated and within the agreed budget. 

-Alan Carroll

Dear Luis,

I want to thank you for the exceptional services I have received from Che-Benz in the past 6 years, first as the head of a condo association of 25 units and then as a homeowner. 

In the DC condo, the board and the property manager entrusted you with the maintenance of the building and with multiple leak repairs. The board particularly appreciated the high quality of your work, the speed of completion, your flexibility, and your fair prices. All the jobs were finished within the agreed timeline and any unforeseen event was properly communicated and solutions were found. Given the repeated issues faced by the building due to design flaws, your availability and responsiveness were highly valuable. Condo owners praised the fact that you always stick to the agreed budget. 

All this explains that I chose your company to carry out the renovation of my DC residence. The job consisted in a full renovation, including moving walls and ceilings, changing the plumbing system, redoing the electricity, creating a kitchen and two bathrooms from scratch, and redesigning stairs. The result is an absolute marvel. Your team perfectly realized the modern and complex vision of the architect. During this long and stressful project, your calm, honesty, and high work ethic were particularly welcome. 

I have recommended you to all my friends and colleagues. I have never heard one person dissatisfied with the quality of your work. 


-Luc Eyraud