About Us

Work as a team and improve each day; to be recognized for strong values, obtain the highest credibility, and to lead by example. 

We successfully have completed New Homes, Medical offices, new room additions, garages, patios, porches, full home renovations, fire and water property restorations, professional offices, and retail stores, etc.

Our Vision

To obtain the highest standards of quality and time in each project and on budget thus making it a fine experience for each one of our clients.

Our Mission

To give the best results of consumption in the system for the distribution of quality in each project.

Our Commitment

We stand behind of our commitment and our REAL Core Values.

  • R- Responsibility

  • E- Efficiency

  • A- Ability

  • L- Loyalty



Did you know?

EPA’s Renovation, Repair, Painting (RRP) Rule pertains to any painted surface of a home built prior to 1978 where 20ft 2 of exterior painted surfaces or 6ft 2 of interior painted surfaces is disturbed (removed, replaced, painted, etc.). Is a possible lead hazard being unknowingly created in the preparation of a sale of a pre-1978 house? Are the proper steps being taken to protect you, your client and/or future owner?

The EPA RRP Rule is to be followed by contractors working in homes built prior to 1978 where 6ft2 of interior painted surfaces are being disturbed and 20ft2 of exterior painted surfaces are being disturbed. In a case of an emergency renovations, the repair can take place however the clean-up and verification process of the EPA RRP rule must be followed. The EPA requires contractors to be Firm Certified, as well as have a minimum of One (1) Certified Renovator on staff and present during certain phases of work listed by EPA RRP on houses built prior to 1978.

One packet of artificial sweetener represents approximately the amount of lead needed to poison 5,000 children or 66 adults.

Children and Pregnant women have a 50% absorption rate to the lead they are exposed to; non-pregnant adults have a 10-15% absorption rate.

CHE-BENZ INC adheres to lead safe practices:

On August 23rd, 2012, we attended an informational and hands on training session for the EPA RRP (Renovation, Repair, and Painting) Lead Safe Work practices.

Mold Assessment and Mold Remediation

CHE-BENZ INC also has certified members for Mold Assessment and Mold Remediation providing those services with a quick turn around and establishing a better and safer indoor environment for a property that may be at risk for individuals.


CHE-BENZ INC staff is constantly getting informed about changes and new information from the Department of Safety and Health Administration as well as all required certifications complying with the specified standards.


CHE-BENZ INC is also affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders and member of the Maryland Building Industry Association